How to Make Cold Brew Coffee


How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

(And Other Fun Facts about Cold Brew Coffee)

Cold Brew Coffee is extremely popular. In fact, it’s one of the longest standing ‘trends’ the coffee industry has seen ever. We think it is here to stay and although we make the MOST incredible cold brew coffee concentrate ourselves, we thought some of our readers might want to try making cold brew coffee at home. We’d also like to go over some fun facts about cold brew coffee you might not have known like;

  • What is the difference between cold brew and regular coffee?

  • Is cold brew stronger than regular coffee?

  • What are the health benefits of cold brew coffee?

  • Why is cold brew less acidic than regular coffee?

  • How to make cold brew coffee at home?

  • What is cold brew espresso?

What is the Difference Between Cold Brew and Regular Coffee?

The main difference between cold brew and regular coffee is the process in which it is brewed. It’s the heating process of the coffee grounds that extracts the coffee bean’s natural flavors, sugars, and caffeine. The brewing process for cold brew is like a very long french press, using cold water - the smooth flavors and gentle power of the beans releases during the lengthy steeping period.

Is Cold Brew Stronger than regular coffee?

From a straight caffeine perspective, yes - cold brew is stronger than regular drip coffee. From a flavor perspective, no - cold brew actually has a smoother coffee finish because it is less acidic. People often evaluate coffee beans by how ‘strong’ it tastes when actually coffee strength is determined by caffeine levels. With Dan’s Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate, you can decide how strong you want to make your cold brew. With cold brew, you can pour it over ice and maintain the strong coffee flavor as well as the taste of your iced drink. You can pour it over ice and maintain the strong coffee flavor as well as the taste of your iced drink.

Cold Brew Coffee Health Benefits

Cold Brew Coffee has a multitude of health benefits, including potential weight loss, anti-aging effects, increased brain activity, and even linked to a longer life span. The most commonly-known benefit of Cold Brew is the lower acid levels which greatly reduce any negative coffee effects on your stomach and your teeth. Many studies have concluded that coffee is very healthy no matter how it is brewed and if you have acid reflux or other stomach issues, stick to Cold Brewed Coffee as it’s much smoother on your digestive system.

Why is Cold Brew Less Acidic Than Regular Coffee?

Regular coffee is brewed using heat which releases more of the coffee bean's acid. Cold brew on the other hand, never goes through the heating process when it is brewed, making it much less acidic. It’s known to be 70% less acidic than regular coffee but that caffeine calculation depends on the type of beans, how long your cold brew steeps, and how much milk, cream, or water you mix it with.

How To Make Cold Brew

Making cold brew coffee can be a long but rewarding process. You absolutely must start with Premium Coffee Beans and if you do not want to wait 18-24 hours for your homemade cold brew to steep, you can order Dan’s Cold Brew Espresso right from us online. Our cold brew is made in a coffee warehouse in massive vats using advanced technology that keeps it fresh and smooth. Here are a few simple steps to making cold brew at home yourself;

Step 1: Grind your coffee beans using the coarsest grind option but don’t go too fine or your cold brew will turn out gritty and murky.

Step 2: Combine your ground coffee with cold water (do not use hot water) in a jug, jar, or other closing container. Keep your coffee to water ratio at least 1:4.

Step 3: Let this delicious-smelling mixture steep for 18-24 hours (cold storage or room temp).

Step 4: Strain your muddy coffee using cheesecloth a few times until there are no more coffee grounds hanging out at the bottom.

Step 5: Pour over ice and enjoy! See some amazing cold brew coffee recipes below.


Cold Brewed Espresso

Lastly, for the coffee connoisseur who is used to the strength and caffeine levels of espresso shots, there’s cold brew coffee concentrate. Cold brew concentrate is made the same way that cold brew is made but steeps longer and created with a finer grind of coffee in the first place. It’s essentially cold espresso shots which allows coffee drinkers and baristas to control how strong their iced drinks are verses relying on whomever made the cold brew. At Poverty Bay, we make cold brew coffee concentrate (Dan’s Cold Brew) and we sell it in quarts and half gallons. We distribute these jugs all over the Pacific Northwest to the many coffee shops and coffee carts that all use the cold brewed espresso shots as the base of their iced coffee drinks.