Locally roasted Coffee Beans, Direct Trade, Shade-Grown


At Poverty Bay Coffee Company we are fully committed to supporting coffee farmers who are 100% committed to sustainable agriculture. We do this by giving them a sustainable price for the world-class coffee they nurture and harvest. Also, by working with independent importers like San Cristobal and Jungle Tech who bring the best sustainable, direct trade, shade grown coffees to market, we at Poverty Bay are able to support small-scale coffee cooperatives. You, as the coffee consumer, can trust that your cup of coffee is improving the lives of farmers and protecting our natural resources. It is this relationship that is responsible for the fact that our locally roasted coffee beans are among the best coffee beans you will find anywhere in the world. It is our core belief that quality and integrity can, and should, go hand in hand. Every coffee bean we buy and every bean we roast is proof. By supporting Poverty Bay Coffee Company, you too are supporting the farmers and their land.

“We grow coffee in the Rainforest, not instead of the Rainforest.”

Sustainable Coffee

Sustainable Coffee, Shade Grown Coffee, Direct Trade Coffee. We live in a time when doing all you can personally and as a business to reduce our carbon footprint is vital. We believe that every action, no matter how minute, is impactful. Read more to see what providing sustainable coffee really means and how you can support it!

Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold brewed coffee at Poverty Bay starts with the highest quality Arabica coffee beans. Looking for strong yet smooth cold brew that still maintains strength when you pour it over ice? Our deep, rich, and fresh espresso flavor profile is perfect for any iced-coffee beverage. Using Dan's Cold Brewed you can make your favorite iced-coffee drink at home for less than half the price using cold brewed coffee concentrate.

Poverty Bay Cafe

Located Off the Beaten Path - We have been in the business of serving the community with all its coffee and tea needs since 1989. Our family-owned and operated business roasts coffee daily to bring you the freshest selection of coffees and proprietary blends. In addition, we offer fresh pastries, soups, sandwiches and gourmet salads.

espresso ground coffee beans

Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

We roast to order so that your coffee beans are as fresh as possible. As a small-batch micro-roaster, we believe the fresher the better. That means we roast the raw, 100% Arabica beans the day you order them and deliver thereafter, check out our top-rated roasted coffee beans options including certified organic roasted coffee beans, the best french roast, and more!

Browse through our coffee blog content, our master coffee roaster writes from his heart and knows a ridiculous amount about roasting coffee. We also review coffee brewing methods, coffee equipment, and write indepth about roasting temperatures and how they impact the coffee flavor and profile.


ground white coffee beans in bulk

What is White Coffee?

What is White Coffee? White Coffee is coffee roasted half of the way through and to a lower temperature. By roasting it to this much lower temperature, you get a whitish colored bean that is higher in caffeine because you roast out less caffeine. This results in a very nutty and sweet taste profile much different from traditional coffee.

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