Our wholesale coffee bean program starts with the relationships we’ve built with our sourcing partners. From the family-owned farms that grow the coffee beans we roast, to each cafe, coffee stand, restaurant and office that carries our shade grown, direct trade coffee.

At Poverty Bay Coffee Company, we seek to partner with cafe’s, restaurants, offices and hotels that value a sustainable coffee experience through the entire supply chain; from farm to importer, and from roaster, to customer. We are small-batch coffee roasters with 30+ years in business; we supply wholesale espresso beans for cafes, coffee stands, and offices across the USA. We use only the best 100% Arabica beans -> Specialty gourmet, shade grown, direct trade coffee beans, and we roast and ship to order!

If you’re interested in us supplying your business with our wholesale roasted coffee beans, send us an inquiry! We are very responsive. We will set up a conversation to;

  • Learn about your business goals

  • Bulk coffee bean order quantities

  • Get some samples sent out to you

  • Talk wholesale coffee bean pricing

Please Reach Out - We’d Love To Discuss Your Wholesale Coffee Bean Needs!


  • As you begin your coffee research, narrow down what you are you looking for and how much you are willing to pay for it. 
  • If you want your business to stand out, you want the coffee to ‘speak for itself’ meaning it needs to be high quality, rich in flavor, etc. 
  • Decide if you want organic wholesale beans or if you want bulk dark roast coffee
  • Align on whether you will serve drip coffee or just espresso
  • Lastly, get price quotes from both local and national brands, focus on brands that have a purpose that match up to the mission of your coffee business
  • The first step after connecting with us is to fill out a detailed intake form. This is a discovery document we use to create your profile.

  • If requested, we can mail out some coffee samples for you to try yourself or use to do a customer taste test against your current provider.

  • Poverty Bay wholesale coffee and bulk coffee bean orders are custom-roasted and packaged in 5lb large bags with a one-way degassing valve.

  • We can set up a monthly auto delivery or you call us with your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly orders.

  • We price based on order volume, type of coffee, and location. You can choose from organic roasts, regular roasts, decaf, white coffee, and cold brewed coffee OR a combination.

  • We ship domestic USA and for larger quantities can discuss shipping outside of the States.

If you are set up as a Business customer on Amazon, you can click through and buy our coffee beans in bulk directly through Amazon Business for a lower price per pound.

Poverty Bay Espresso Classic – 5lb bag

Great Bend Blend Medium Dark – 5lb bag