We offer wholesale bulk coffee beans to our valued customers, who share our passion for quality and sustainability. Our bulk coffee beans are sourced from family-owned farms that grow them with care and respect for the environment. We roast our coffee beans with skill and expertise, delivering a rich and flavorful coffee experience to every cafe, coffee stand, restaurant, and office that chooses our Coffee Beans in Bulk.

We are Poverty Bay Coffee Company, a small-batch coffee roaster with 30+ years of experience. We provide roasted coffee beans to our clients who care about the quality and sustainability of their coffee. Our wholesale coffee beans are 100% Arabica, specialty gourmet, shade grown, and direct trade. We source bulk coffee beans from farms that we have built long-term partnerships with, ensuring fair and ethical practices throughout the supply chain. We ship premium quality coffee beans across the USA to cafes, restaurants, offices, and hotels that want to serve the best coffee to their customers. 

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Are you a coffee enthusiast, a café owner, or a business looking to stock up on high-quality coffee beans? If so, you might have considered the benefits of purchasing wholesale bulk coffee beans. When it comes to sourcing premium coffee beans in large quantities, there’s no better option than buying directly from a reputable wholesaler like Poverty Bay.


Coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s an experience, a ritual, and a passion for many. Whether you’re serving cups to your customers or brewing that perfect morning cup at home, the quality of the coffee beans matters. When you buy coffee beans, you not only ensure a consistent supply but also gain several other advantages.

  1. Unbeatable Pricing: Wholesalers like Poverty Bay offer competitive pricing on bulk coffee bean purchases. By bypassing intermediaries and buying directly from the source, you can significantly reduce costs without compromising on quality.
  2. Freshness Guaranteed: When you buy coffee beans in bulk from Poverty Bay, you’re getting beans that are roasted to perfection and packaged just before shipping. This ensures that your coffee retains its flavour, aroma, and freshness, enhancing the overall coffee experience for your customers or yourself.
  3. Diverse Selection: At Poverty Bay, you’ll find an impressive variety of coffee beans to choose from. Whether you’re seeking single-origin beans, blends, or special roasts, their extensive selection caters to different tastes and preferences.
  4. Customization Options: Buying bulk roasted coffee beans doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your unique coffee preferences. With Poverty Bay, you have the flexibility to customise your order according to roast levels, grind sizes, and packaging options, ensuring your coffee beans align perfectly with your needs.
  5. Sustainable Practices: When you choose to work with reputable wholesale coffee bean suppliers like Poverty Bay, you’re supporting sustainable practices in the coffee industry. Poverty Bay is committed to ethical sourcing, fair trade, and environmentally friendly practices, making your purchase a responsible choice.


1. How to Source Coffee Beans Wholesale?
  • As you begin your coffee research to buy bulk coffee beans, narrow down what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay for it.
  • If you want your business to stand out, you want the coffee to ‘speak for itself’ meaning it needs to be high quality, rich in flavour, etc.
  • Decide if you want to buy organic wholesale coffee beans or if you want bulk dark roast coffee.
  • Align on whether you will serve drip coffee or just espresso.
  • Lastly, get price quotes from both local and national brands, focus on brands that have a purpose that matches the mission of your coffee business.
2. How do I get started with the best wholesale coffee program?
  • The first step after connecting with us is to fill out a detailed intake form. This is a discovery document we use to create your profile.
  • If requested, we can mail out some coffee samples from our wholesale coffee beans productions for you to try yourself or use to do a customer taste test against your current provider.
3. How will I receive my wholesale coffee order
  • Poverty Bay wholesale coffee and bulk coffee beans orders are custom-roasted and packaged in 5lb large bags with a one-way degassing valve.
  • We can set up a monthly auto-delivery or you call us with your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly orders.
4. How much does it cost per pound for wholesale coffee beans?
  • We price based on order volume, type of coffee, and location. You can choose from organic roasts, regular roasts, decaf, white coffee, and cold-brewed coffee OR a combination.
  • You can also buy bulk roasted coffee beans with high quality. We ship domestic USA and for larger quantities can discuss shipping outside of the States.

If you are set up as a Business customer on Amazon, you can click through and buy our coffee beans in bulk directly through Amazon Business for a lower price per pound.

Poverty Bay Espresso Classic – 5lb bag

Great Bend Blend Medium Dark – 5lb bag