Gourmet Roasted Coffee Beans

As small-batch micro-roasters, we believe the fresher the coffee beans - the better. That means we roast the raw, 100% Arabica beans the day you order them and deliver thereafter. This way each order is as fresh as it could possibly be! We live for that moment when you open that bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and smell the rich gourmet coffee aroma for the first time.

We roast to order so that your coffee beans are as fresh as possible.
— Dan Olmstead, Master Roaster/Owner

3 Ways to Roast Coffee Beans

Dark roasted coffee beans get roasted longer, sometimes slower to bring out the ‘toasty’ and ‘smokey’ coffee flavors. The dark roasts have more visible oils and also have less caffeine than light roasts. Sometimes referred to as French roast coffee beans

Medium roasted coffee beans are caramel in color, usually roasted just up to the point of their second crack giving them more caffeine than a traditional dark roast and a mild, smooth coffee taste. Also known as a regular roast.

Light roasted coffee beans or breakfast roasts are light brown colored and have a sweet, fruity coffee taste. Light roasts are higher in caffeine as they do not release as many oils during the shorter roast cycle.


Buy Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans

Browse our gourmet fresh roasted coffee beans, available in regular and decaf. Our roasted coffee beans are shade-grown, and direct-trade. We also have a few 100% certified organic coffee beans. Customize your order by choosing either a 1lb, 2lb, or 5lb bag. Available as whole bean coffee or ground to your preference.



We air roast our coffee beans

small-batch roasted coffee beans

We air-roast our coffee beans. Unlike drum or barrel roasting, the air roasting technique keeps beans constantly moving through precisely heated air. This process results in a more evenly roasted bean with a much cleaner finish. Majority of our coffee roasts are blended roasts, meaning we blend together coffee beans of different heritage and different flavor profiles to create the Poverty Bay roasts. Each batch of freshly roasted coffee beans takes a unique amount of time depending on how dark or light the coffee roast calls for. We always roast the day you order and ship thereafter.


Locally Roasted Coffee from a sustainable SOURCE

At Poverty Bay, we have strong, long-lasting relationships with our farming partners. In spite of market demands pushing for fair-trade, organic “certification”, we continue to support our coffee farm collectives. We know that their land has never been chemically treated and we promote the natural, slow growth of coffee beans called Shade Grown Coffee, which enhances the quality and flavor of the roasted coffee beans. 40 years ago all coffee beans were shade-grown, but the coffee industry boom has made the demand for coffee to be higher than the rate at which it can grow naturally, in the canopy of the Rainforest. Therefore large corporations began to clear the land to make room for their 100,000 acres of open, ‘sun-roasted’ coffee farms.

We also bypass the middleman and buy direct from our farms, also known as Direct Trade Coffee. This supports grower's autonomy and honors a way of life they have maintained for hundreds of years. A sustainable farming approach offers a diversified multi-crop lifestyle, protects the natural habitats of an average of 150 species of migrating birds and minimizes the environmental harms created by ‘technified’, cleared farms. Additionally, we support a greener world by using the latest in environmentally-sound recyclable packaging, storage, soy printing and biodegradable display containers and shipping.

Every drop of Poverty Bay Coffee supports a positive social cycle and feels as good as it tastes going down.