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At Poverty Bay Coffee Company we are 100% committed to supporting farmers who are 100% committed to sustainable agriculture. We do this by giving the coffee farmers a sustainable price for the world-class coffee they nurture and harvest. Also, by working with independent importers like San Cristobal and Jungle Tech who bring the best sustainable, direct tradeshade grown coffees to market, we at Poverty Bay are able to support small-scale coffee cooperatives.  You, as the coffee consumer, can trust that your cup of coffee is improving the lives of farmers and protecting our natural resources. It is this relationship that is responsible for the fact that our coffees are among the best you will find anywhere in the world. It is our core belief that quality and integrity can, and should, go hand in hand. Every bean we buy and every bean we roast is proof. By supporting Poverty Bay Coffee Company, you too are supporting the farmers and their land. 


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We grow coffee in the Rainforest, not instead of the Rainforest. We have strong, long-lasting relationships with our farming partners. In spite of market demands pushing for fair-trade, organic “certification”, we continue to support our farm collectives. We know that their land has never been chemically treated and we do not promote their payment of high certification fees which both allow them to consistently earn above Fair Trade wages.

We also bypass the middleman and buy direct from our farms. This supports grower's autonomy and honors a way of life they have maintained for hundreds of years. A sustainable farming approach offers a diversified multi-crop lifestyle, protects the natural habitats of an average of 150 species of migrating birds and minimizes the environmental harms created by techni-fied, cleared farms. Additionally, we support a greener world by using the latest in environmentally-sound recyclable packaging, storage, soy printing and biodegradable display containers and shipping.

Every drop of Poverty Bay Coffee supports a positive social cycle and feels as good as it tastes going down.

Our locally-roasted coffee beans start out as these beautiful coffee seed pods

Our locally-roasted coffee beans start out as these beautiful coffee seed pods


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