What is White Coffee?


What is White Coffee?

Our coffee drinkers have so many questions about the newest coffee trend; White Coffee. Some questions like ‘Does White Coffee have more caffeine than regular coffee?’, and ‘Is White Coffee better for you?’. Some people even want to know, ‘Is White Coffee really White?’, which is a valid question because most people know that coffee beans are green before they are roasted. Let’s get to the facts and help you understand ‘What is White Coffee?’.


Where Does White Coffee Come From?

White Coffee comes from the same hard green coffee beans that regular coffee comes from. It can be Robusta or Arabica depending on the coffee bean blend. The quality of the coffee bean is extremely important and can affect the overall taste of coffee after it’s brewed.

Not to be confused with the Malaysian White Coffee which is a type of coffee drink made from roasting coffee beans with margarine and is mixed with sweetened condensed milk in a cup to create a delicious, creamy, sweet coffee treat. The White Coffee we are talking about started in the United States and very recently became a sought-after coffee experience.


How Do You Make White Coffee?

White Coffee is made by roasting coffee beans at a lower temperature and for half of the time that regular coffee is roasted. White Coffee is half-baked! To be more specific, White Coffee is roasted to around 325 Degrees whereas fully roasted coffee is roasted to anywhere from 450 Degrees to 480 Degrees. Think of it as a really, really rare steak. You can roast White Coffee at home but unless you have the time and energy, it’s popular enough now that you can find it online easily.


Does White Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Yes, White Coffee contains more caffeine that fully-roasted coffee because of the low roasting temperatures and duration in which it is roasted. The caffeine content in coffee is dependent upon how long the beans are roasted. Dark coffee beans have the least caffeine, followed by medium roast, and light roast. Light coffee has the mildest flavor because it is roasted for the shortest amount of time, but the highest caffeine content for the very same reason. White Coffee is barely roasted and therefore has the absolute highest amount of caffeine, nearly 50% more than fully-roasted coffee.


How Do You Brew White Coffee?

White Coffee comes out of the roaster much denser and harder than fully-roasted coffee. For this reason, it requires a much more powerful grinder than any home model. Most coffee roasters grind their White Coffee Beans for you so that you do not ruin your home coffee grinder. Once it arrives, White Coffee is brewed the exact same way regular coffee is brewed. At Poverty Bay, we grind it in a way that is suitable for Home Coffee Brewers, Espresso Machines, and Keurig Coffee Makers.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking White Coffee?

White Coffee has up 50% more caffeine than fully-roasted coffee. It has a very nutty flavor that blends well with all the same creamers and flavors that fully-roasted coffee does. Some people report that White Coffee has a bolder coffee flavor than black coffee. In addition to the ‘lift’ in caffeine, White Coffee is less acidic and retains more antioxidants. Coffee becomes acidic during the roasting process and because White Coffee is roasted half way, it holds onto the chlorogenic acid, which is known to be a powerful antioxidant, at the same time people say that White Coffee is smoother on their stomachs. Chlorogenic acid has been known to reduce the risk of diabetes, reduce blood pressure, and stimulate weight loss. We recommend that you do your own research on the health benefits of White Coffee and Green Coffee as they both high in chlorogenic acid.


Where Can I Buy White Coffee?

White Coffee is here to stay so the question is where can you get the best White Coffee possible? The answer is right here from our locally-roasted coffee bean selection where you can get our White Tornado (below) and join the White Coffee revolution. All of our coffee beans here at Poverty Bay Coffee Company are Shade Grown, Direct Trade, and Sustainably produced. We pride ourselves on saving the rainforest one cup of coffee at a time.


White Coffee Reviews

White Tornado - Our White Tornado Coffee is for the extreme coffee lovers who need something more than 5 hours of energy. Roasted to 325 degrees, White Tornado has almost double the caffeine of a fully-roasted coffee. Nutty and sweet with a light and mellow finish.  This roast only comes in one special grind style so that you have the best White Coffee experience possible.